Consultation for a job interview

Állásinterjúra felkészítő konzultáció

Consultation for a job interview

Purpose of the training:

obtaining the essential language skills for an effective performance at a job interview. The consultation helps students gain self-confidence, learn the expressions, collocations and structures necessary for giving a successful self-presentation, and gain their audience’s sympathy.

The consultation prepares Clients for a job interview in English in the form of one-to-one teaching. Therefore, the programme is designed to accommodate to every specific need of the Client.

The consultation is interactive, thus it includes both an analysis of demands and the programme itself.

To whom we recommend this training:

for those who apply for new jobs and feel embarrassed when they need to speak in front of an audience.

Main topics:

  • How to write a good resume?
  • the tricks of an impressive cover letter
  • different types of job interviews
  • the most frequent questions and answers during a job interview
  • a mock interview