Negotiation techniques in English including legal terminology

Időgazdálkodás tréning magyar nyelven

Negotiation techniques in English including legal terminology

Purpose of the training:

Learning the legal terms, structures and terminology that are required for the success of a business negotiation.
The accurate use of legal terms is essential for successful negotiation. Thus, in most part  of the lessons, participants expand their legal vocabulary, which they practice in negotiation situations.

To facilitate a smooth flow of discussions, we use audio-visual material for the joint analysis of the language used in successful negotiations.

To whom we recommend this training:

This training is the next module of the negotiations technique training. The negotiations technique training plus legal terminology is a perfect skills improvement training for those whose position requires regular attendance at meetings and the conduct of business negotiations in a foreign language, where the terminology and the language used may influence the business success of the proposed agreement or tender.

Main topics:

  • Terminology of business law;
  • Legal terminology used at meetings;
  • Course and structure of a meeting;
  • Negotiation techniques;
  • How to prepare for a negotiation;
  • Studying legal cases and extracts;
  • The agreement;
  • Summary and closing of a negotiation, conclusions drawn.