Negotiation techniques in English

Csapatépítő tréning angol és magyar nyelven

Negotiation techniques in English

Purpose of the training:

obtaining the language skills essentially required for negotiating successfully. The training helps students learn language clichés, phrases and structures that are required for a successful business negotiations. Thus, in a major portion of the lessons, participants can practice the English language in negotiation situations.

To facilitate a smooth flow of discussions, we use audio-visual material for the joint analysis of the language used in successful negotiations.

The minutes that precede and follow a negotiation are extremely important with regard to success, thus we prepare participants for these basic colloquial situations.

To whom we recommend this training:

Our training on negotiation techniques is  a great skills improvement training for those who are in positions requiring them to often attend meetings and business negotiations held in a foreign language.

Main topics:

  • Greeting formulas;
  • Course and structure of negotiations;
  • Negotiation techniques;
  • Preparations for a negotiation;
  • The first five seconds, introduction and determining the agenda;
  • Directing the course of the meeting, negotiation positions;
  • Presenting views and arguments;
  • The rules and process of coming to an agreement, cultural differences;
  • Summary and closing of the negotiation, conclusions drawn;