Presentation training in English

Prezentációs tréning angol és magyar nyelven

Presentation training in English

Purpose of the training:

obtaining the essential language skills for an effective presentation. The training helps students learn the expressions, collocations and structures necessary for giving a successful presentation.

We use an audio-visual material for mutually analysing the language of successful presentations, the characteristics of a good lecturer and perform exercises to extend the knowledge obtained.

As what happens in the minutes preceding a presentation or in a coffee break is very important, we also prepare participants for such basic colloquial situations.

To whom we recommend this course:

We recommend this training to those who must often explain their views in public and who need to give presentations, lectures and speeches in English.

Main topics:

  • Presentation techniques;
  • Identifying goals;
  • The structure of a presentation;
  • The start and closing of a presentation;
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication tools;
  • Use of visual tools;
  • Speech technique, accent, intonation;
  • Rhetorical tools, semiotics;
  • Presentation terminology, useful phrases;
  • Spontaneous and planned presentations