Time management training

Time management training

The purpose of the training is ensuring that participants adopt a good approach towards time and event management define and fine-tune their own sets of priorities, adopt and practice efficient time management techniques in situation exercises; also, they should include in their set of tools the self-assertion techniques required for efficient time management.

Participants can study how to gain control of their time, how to sort their tasks according to priorities, how to catch time-wasters, how to delegate tasks, how to say no, how to eliminate the splits where their time is slipping away, and what practical methods they can apply to achieve efficient time management.

To whom we recommend this training:

We recommend this training to those who often face time constraints over the course of their work, often feel that they do not have the time necessary for performing certain tasks in the required quality, and to those who cannot budget efficiently the time available to them.
We recommend this training to managers as this way they can learn the tricks of efficient time management of managers, opportunities for the delegation of tasks, and how to create time for themselves to perform their management tasks.

Main topics:

  • What is time? – definition of concept and delivery of an approach
  • The taming of time
  • Elements of time management
  • Values, tasks, priorities
  • Time consuming and time saving ways
  • Catching time wasters
  • Planning (daily, weekly)
  • Tips on time management
  • Time management for managers: monkey on your shoulders
  • Opportunities for the delegation of tasks
  • Self-assertion techniques: how to say no, how to make a request
  • Methods used in time management
  • Energizing opportunities
  • Playful games supporting the approach to time management