Angol szintfelmérő teszt / English level assessment


Nyelvi szintfelmérő tesztünk kitöltésével próbára teheti angol nyelvtudását. Eredményét kitöltés után azonnal megtudhatja, illetve emailben is elküldjük az Ön e-mail címére.

Az online angol nyelvi tesztsor 75  fokozatosan nehezedő kérdést tartalmaz.

Test your language knowledge!

You can test your language knowledge by filling out our level assessment. You will get your result right after you have completed the test and we will send it to your email as well.  Our test contains 75 questions.

Név* / Name
Munkahely / Company
Telefon / Phone
Tanfolyam tipusa (Általános nyelv - Üzleti nyelv) Preferred course (General language - Business language)
Napszak (Reggel / Napközben / Mindegy) Preferred time (Morning / Afternoon / Doesn\'t matter)
1. The earth ........ round the sun.
2. Rice ............. in Hungary.
3. Let's go out. It ..
4. We usually .. vegetables but this year we .. any.
5. Somebody .. all the bananas. We'll have to buy some more.
6. I .. everything you asked. What shall I do now?
7. Melyik mondat helytelen? Which sentence is NOT correct?
8. Look out! A car is coming very fast! It ..
9. I'll wait for you in the office until ..
10. In the timetable you can see that the plane for London .. at 4.15.
11. Gödöll? is famous .. the Royal Palace
12. Angelina Jolie is married .. Brad Pitt.
13. Jane is always late .. work.
14. My husband is jealous .. everybody I meet.
15. I like listening to music.
16. I haven't seen Jane for ages.
17. I feel so tired today. I have been working hard ..
18. There were a lot of people in the office and .. were speaking very loudly.
19. My daughter learns a lot. She is getting .. at school.
20. "I get along with my colleagues" means:
21. Joe and Mary got married 10 years ago. They .... married for 10 years.
22. The police think they ........... your car, so do not forget to call them.
23. By the time I got home, my mother .................. the dinner.
24. Such a shame! Peter ............ stealing money from his colleague.
25. I am quite sure I know this man. I ..............him before.
26. You should ........ your house ..........
27. They did not believe him. His truth was ......... in question.
28. I'd like a .......... of yoghurt.
29. Is it small enough .......... in the hand?
30. He was given a higher position. He was ...
31. „Nothing ever goes my way." Means:
32. „He gets down to work." Means:
33. „I was fired" means:
34. Everything is covered by snow. .. very heavily here.
35. The sad news ...... her to tears.
36. My husband will be ...... to another town.
37. I am terribly sorry, but I ......... your mug.
38. When the rescue team got there, they ... in the boat for hours.
39. I wish I hadn't sold my car at such a low price. I ... for a better offer.
40. If I ............ the hotel was so far from the Conference Hall, I .... a room in another one.
41. I got ..when I noticed my husband with a woman. I really couldn't say a word.
42. Men don't stay with you because you are too... You should stop giving orders to them.
43. John is so... He never wants to hurt people and pays as much attention as possible to his employees.
44. I don't know where I put my keys two minutes ago. I think I am getting more and more...
45. I like ..people who always know what to do.
46. Children have a ..imagination.
47. I don't know why she is so... She was so kind some minutes ago and now she is nearly unbearable.
48. What I like most about him is that he is so... I love men who can make me laugh.
49. My children were so delighted .. their presents.
50..Which firm carried ... the market survey?
51. How can we compensate you ... the loss?
52. Lack of time prevented me ... calling you.
53. I was so happy because my boss approved ... my proposal.
54. Did you succeed .. finding a new secretary?
55. My colleague put .. some very interesting proposals.
56. Peter was appointed .. a higher position.
57. It is very unlikely that he will resign .... his position.
58. "I should come up with a solution." means:
59. I bought this beautiful dress in the sales. It was a real ..
60. "She is living up to her reputation as an excellent teacher." means:
61. My plane is bound to be late although
62. It's ages .. I last saw a real good crime story on television.
63. Which sentence is NOT correct?
64. Neither country is thought .. war.
65. .. my room painted next week.
66. I'd rather you the house.
67. The match had to be cancelled because of the severe ..
68. The wall was supported by a thick metal ..
69. The runner who injured his leg .. across the finishing line.
70. The ... of violence has led to calls for the army to be deployed on the streets.
71. I strongly ... of his behaviour.
72. When a new law takes force, the old one is usually ...
73. Officials have said they will not be .. by threats from a group of people.
74. Although the children have been .. the go all day, they do not seem tired.
75. "I think I'll hit the sack." means:
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